Not all dog care facilities are created equal. Why should you choose Top Dog Retreat?

We’ve learned that the recipe for a happy, healthy dog includes a variety of ingredients. Physical exercise, well-mannered social skills and good nutrition are just a few. Pet parents interested in shaping their dog into an awesome family member will love learning more about Top Dog Retreat’s “Secret Sauce”.

What are your hours of operation?

Lobby hours:

Lobby hours during Holiday periods may differ. Please contact us for more information. Daycare services are available Monday through Friday.

How old should my puppy be, before coming to Top Dog Retreat?

We welcome puppies that are at least 12 weeks old, and have started their vaccine regimen from the veterinarian.

How is Top Dog Retreat different than my boarding kennel?

Top Dog Retreat is a Daycare, Boarding and Training facility. The environment is social and interactive. Dogs are in compatible playgroups throughout the day, spending time exercising and learning from each other, as well as the playgroup supervisor. Rest periods and overnights are spent in comfortable custom suites, rather than crates or traditional ‘kennel runs’.

Can you care for       … my senior dog?

                                    … my dog that is recovering from a medical procedure?

We take pride in the ability to accommodate individual needs of our clients. We understand that an older dog may prefer one-on-one time with a staff member, or a private, slow stroll in our expansive outdoor area. A recovering dog may need individual attention, reduced playtime or medication administered. We will listen to your needs, provide the best care for your dog, and communicate any challenges that we see. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and positive experience for your dog.

Can I board my dog this weekend?

Dogs are required to fulfill the requirements outlined in General Information. Prepare in advance for that unexpected day when your dog will need a familiar and comfortable place to stay, and you need peace of mind that they are well cared for.

What should I bring when I board my dog?

Most importantly, bring your dog’s food and any medications.   You’re welcome to bring a favorite toy or blanket, although not required.   Top Dog Retreat supplies beds, blankets and bowls.

How about my cat??

While we love 4-legged furry family members, Top Dog Retreat does not accept cats.

We’re creating happy paws daily! We’re in the business of caring. Daycare, Boarding, Training … what are your needs, and those of your dog?